Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Emporio Armani Becomes 30 ( stylelife )

While preparing for the opening of the new Armani Hotel in Milan, Armani’s maison youthful clothing line Emporio turns 30 this year. Giorgio Armani launched it with his partner, architect Sergio Galeotti, in 1981. After having established the success of his main line, he introduced a new concept in the fashion world of those days: a trendier, cooler, younger second line. No need to say, people advised him not to pursue his project. By time proved, he was right though. With Emporio Armani, the King of fashion has developed a new approach to fashion, more related to the idea of lifestyle, also making the essence of his style more affordable and democratic in some way. With Emporio Armani, he started advertising with enormous street billboards, a totally new way of communication for a fashion brand, that can also be read in a democratic direction.
30 years ago, Mr. Armani was at the vanguard in understanding the need of younger generations for mix and match, a more creative attitude that mixes high fashion and natural trends. And the brand lifestyle attitude got real through Emporio Armani Express Restaurant in London and Emporio Armani Magazine, both launched in 1989 and the collaboration with actors and singers, such as Paul Simon, the Fugees and Ricky Martin. Emporio Armani now includes clothes and accessories, glasses, timepieces, jewelry, fragrances. A real world with its own hot spots for conviviality, such as Emporio Armani Caffé in Milan, revamped last year, to mention one for all.
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