Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To Create The Hairstyle Of Rodarte ( styling )

Odile Gilbert created a beautifully windswept style for the Rodarte show.
1. Apply styling foam to damp hair and blow-dry, scrunching for texture. Create a left side parting by hand.
2. When hair is partially dry, take a 2in piece from the front-right side of the hair at the hairline and twist it so that it swoops over the right eye. Secure above the right ear. Finish drying the hair.
4. Release the pin from above the right ear and release side-swept hair. Spray with hairspray for flexible hold and blow-dry.
5. Gather all the hair on the right shoulder. Take a 2in section from the hairline on the back-left side of the head and gently twist it while pulling it over to the right side of the head at the ear.
6. Pull a 2in section of hair from the hairline in front of the right ear and twist with the section pulled from the back to create a small, 2-3in herringbone braid. Secure with a clear elastic.
7. Tie the section of hair coming from the clear elastic into small knots, concealing the elastic and adding texture to the look.
8. Pull the ultra-textured section of hair from the front and drape it over the right eye. Tuck the ends of that front piece between the braid and the hair that is down, and secure on the right side at the ear.
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