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Lipstick colours for spring / summer 2011 ( styling )

When it comes to choosing your lip colour for spring it’s time to make it count. Go for colours like bright red lipstick, coral lipstick, pinks and purples or perhaps a berry lip colour: whatever you choose should be vibrant and bold.
Below you’ll find our top picks for spring / summer 2011 lipstick shades that are direct from the catwalk and can be worn everyday of the week.

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Coral lipstick as seen on the runway at Karla Spetic

The flamboyancy and attitude that accompanies this colour is too hard to be missed. From arresting orange to a whisper of coral, your lips are bound to speak for themselves.
Hot Shades: Sunset orange, petal coral, Pumpkin yellow-orange.
Product Pick: Rouge Prodige in Clementine by Clarins. True Coral by Tom Ford.
Loud and affirming shade; wear with navy, emerald green or sunflower yellow outfits.

Two-tone lips as seen on Dhini’s runway at Australian fashion week

Two-tone lipstick

Admittedly this isn’t a lipstick colour trend in so much as it is two colour trends merged into one. But for that statement look, whether it’s for a night on the town or an afternoon of frivolity, you need look no further than two shades of lipstick.
The details: If you’d like to make this look your own then you need to look no further than our ‘two colour lips how to‘ guide which details the products used to construct the look on the catwalk and includes more photos.

Pink lipstick, backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club

Pink lipstick

‘Girly’ it may be, but there’s no denying that a shocking pink lipstick will make your eyes pop. A colour best associated with flirty spring, a pink lippy can be made to look sexy sans its ridiculed Barbie-doll image.
Hot Shades: Pink Orchid, Hot Pink, Rosy Petal, Fuchsia.
Product Pick: Retro Pink by Bobbi Brown or Rouge Automatiques in Shalimar by Guerlain.
Both feel like melted soft butter on the lips, creamy, dream-like texture.

Dark berry lipcolour at Rachel Gilbert

Berry lipstick

Dark lipstick for the year’s hot months – we know that it mightn’t seem to make sense, but trends are all about bucking the norms and if you need any more proof that dark shades are ‘in’ you need to do no more than familiarise yourself with the horde of catwalks currently shaping spring 2012 fashion: they’re all about dark colours in hot months.
As a darker family member of the ‘red’ family, the berry shades are richer and permit you to join the risky-business club. Wear the shiraz-stained lips with a pleated mustard piece. Also avoid if you have red hair.
Hot Shades: Wine red, Mulberry, raspberry, all-kinds of berry.
Product Pick: Viva La Berry by Kit Cosmetics
Satin and pearly finish; not recommended for the safer variety.

Bright red lips on the runway at Nicole Farhi

Red lipstick

A classic red lipstick with loose, voluminous curls is an epitome of Hollywood glamour. If you’ve ever looked at Marilyn Monroe and wondered how she did it, then your answer is beheld in this colour.
Hot Shades: Cherry red, watermelon, deep blood, tomato-red.
Product Pick: Double Agent Rouge Lip Palette by Napoleon Perdis.
Provides flawless matte coverage and comes with two separate applicator brushes.

Purple lipstick backstage at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Purple lipstick

Not a traditional lip colour, at least in the conventional word. But as the contemporary fashion clad clinches on to the colour-blocking trend, a kiss from defying violets can do no harm.
Hot Shades: Deep violet, rich plum, pale magenta
Product Pick: Rebel by M.A.C or Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre in Violet Singulier by Yves Saint Laurent
Wear these with red or orange outfits; stick with minimal accessories.

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